Adventures in Creativity

Painting & Planting Freedom

A Series of Intentional Creativity® Playshops

Play touches and stimulates vitality, awakening the whole person—mind and body, intelligence and creativity, spontaneity and intuition

Viola Spolin, American theater coach

Call of Your Wild Heart

Do you feel a call to wildness?  To explore and adventure, to contrast and boldness.  Your heart carries content special to you. Join our adventurous experience offering processes that provide access to your heart wisdom, allowing you to reconnect to the pulse of your true self, your dreams, your journey with love, kindness and compassion at the center of it all.

Wisdom Tree Sessions

We invite you to take up paintbrushes and canvas on a journey to connect to earth wisdom and your innate creativity. This is a journey of poetry, symbolism, scientific snippets and painting to uncover the secrets underground, within and around us. What is known to you, yet not currently visible? What might be revealed beyond the misty vale? Come adventure with us into the forest of imagination.

Happy Adventurers

I felt like she really understood the issue that emerged to work with, and I was pleasantly surprised by what my subconscious created through the different stages. I am sure that the visual representation of the issue will really help me going forward. Thank you Chatelle for such a creative and transformative session.
United Kingdom
The help you gave me to re-gain my own self-esteem and motivation at work was immense. I am positive, completely over that past discomfort and stronger than before. Thank YOU!
I just had this beautiful healing session with Chatelle. She guided me through a fascinating journey where I was able to meet parts of my self that I’d not connected with the same before and guided me and my subconscious mind to quickly accept new feelings for my life ahead. The whole process she shared felt very whole and holistic.
New Zealand

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