Welcome to Kelle Studio. I’m Chatelle,

wellness support for corporates and creative visionaries

Understanding wellness

The importance

Being well enables us to be resilient to the inevitable hurdles in life. Most of us are aware of the basics when it comes to wellness; a healthy mind, diet and physical activity, but somehow it remains only theory.

The question

That's because when it comes to wellness, the big question isn’t what to do, but rather, what stops us from doing it? What are the pressures, beliefs and mental blockers that stop us being and feeling well in ourselves?

The answer

This is where I come in. I'm experienced in helping individuals, creatives and corporates address the blocks to feeling and doing well; no matter how the cards may have fallen in our current situations.

The tools

I use a broad range of strategies to help ensure that when issues arise in life, you're able to face them with clarity, confidence and without anxiety. This headspace is the key to nurturing your wellbeing.

Unique approaches


Coaching techniques to tease out and address blocks to achieving optimal wellness

EFT Tapping Technique

Tapping therapy methods to remove emotional charge around blocks

Intentional Creativity

Metacognitive drawing approaches to reset problem solving capacity

Corporate Wellness

Embedding wellness into corporate strategy to transform behaviors & culture

Lets talk about your needs

Don’t let your wellbeing take a back seat. There’s no time like the present to take action. Start your journey now.

Happy clients

I felt like she really understood the issue that emerged to work with, and I was pleasantly surprised by what my subconscious created through the different stages. I am sure that the visual representation of the issue will really help me going forward. Thank you Chatelle for such a creative and transformative session.
United Kingdom
The help you gave me to re-gain my own self-esteem and motivation at work was immense. I am positive, completely over that past discomfort and stronger than before. Thank YOU!
I just had this beautiful healing session with Chatelle. She guided me through a fascinating journey where I was able to meet parts of my self that I’d not connected with the same before and guided me and my subconscious mind to quickly accept new feelings for my life ahead. The whole process she shared felt very whole and holistic.
New Zealand